Naturally Artisanal

Passionate About Natural & Organic Food with An Artisanal Twist


This website is for all of us who appreciate quality natural and organic foods….and in particular, those with an artisanal* twist….  And, we will explore many of the interesting topics which shape these foods, including sustainability and traceability topics, industry trends, links to resources and information, product insights, company and people news, events, and so much more.  As the industry changes and evolves, expect to see the site do the same.  Your input on what you want to see, learn about, and comment on, are encouraged…..

I am an East Coast transplant to the San Francisco Bay Area who grew up in a great American Italian food tradition.  My family called me ‘the gourmet’ at a very young age, as I seemed to gravitate to quality food, whether it ‘looked pretty’ or not.  My professional background is as a business development professional and runs the gamut of working for Fortune 500 companies to having co-founded a start-up.  Given my passion for food, community service, communication, health and education, it seemed only natural I launch this blog that gives me an outlet to combine all of these passions toward my love of food, while giving me the opportunity to create a community of loyal visitors and contributors who feel the same way.  This way we can share interesting insights and information about our natural food and food industry experiences, and the many interesting topics and areas which spring from them.

This blog will always be evolving, as food is forever dynamic.  I envision this blog growing with your and my input and contributions.  You are welcome to take a passive view of things or a more active role.  If you are here, you are a part of the diverse community of foodies and/or a food industry professional.  As mentioned, this blog has a particular focus on natural and organic foods and the natural food business …anything from consumer packaged specialty goods to produce to meats with an artisanal twist.

* My definition of ‘artisan’ or ‘artisanal’:  Refers to an individual(s) or company(ies) who are producing product(s) in a traditional manner which can be done in smaller or larger batches…..but always, with traditional, hand-made techniques.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Frank said

    Great insight into a topic that East Coasters are not as informed as we should be , hopefully your voice is spreading the word and gaining new fans for the Natural and organic Artisanal food movement!

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